Emily Taylor

Founder and Owner 

Emily Taylor is the founder and owner of Chicago Loop Cleaners. She began her housecleaning career in Colorado when she decided that she needed to look for work that was more meaningful. While working for the Everyday Task Company in Colorado Springs, Emily had the privilege of not only learning to clean, but to run a business, as well. She was involved in the marketing, sales, hiring, and training processes at ETC. When she left to start Chicago Loop Cleaners, she left with the blessing of the owners of ETC. Housecleaning is much more than a job to Emily. Her passion is to see other peoples’ lives improve. Cleaning is a unique way of doing just that, and Emily is most excited about giving people “space” in their lives. Emily finds her work as a cleaner so enjoyable that she often doesn’t even feel like she’s at work!  

Elizabeth Kupferschmid

Team Member

Elizabeth Kupferschmid is a 2018 college graduate from Moody Bible Institute (MBI) with a bachelor’s degree in communication. She grew up in a small farming town near Champaign Urbana, Illinois, but she has lived off-and-on in Chicago since August 2013.

Elizabeth has a passion for understanding the world and the many peoples and cultures within it, which is why she decided to stay in Chicago after her graduation. Elizabeth enjoys journalism, creative writing, and learning about the hospitality industry. She imagines operating a full-time blog one day or a running a small-scale resort.

In Chicago, Elizabeth loves biking along lakeshore drive, spending a warm day at the beach, trying new restaurants, attending the theatre, meeting new people, participating in community group classes, and browsing Chicago’s many farmers markets and festivals!

Elizabeth is down to earth, service-minded, and set on achieving excellence in everything she does!


Taylor Hunt

Team Member

Taylor Hunt is a junior at DePaul University, studying video production. She is especially interested in documentary film, and is looking forward to a career in film directing after graduation. Shortly before joining CLC, she completed her internship with a study abroad program in Melbourne, Australia for Media Broadcasting and Culture studies

A long-time Chicago resident, Taylor enjoys getting great Mexican food on the South West Side. She also sings in a music group at her church, and enjoys creating art.

Taylor is outgoing and enthusiastic, and puts her strong organizational skills to excellent use as a team member at CLC.


LaMarkas Orange

Team Member

LaMarkas (Markas) Orange is a graduate of Lincoln Christian University in Lincoln, IL, and a native of Decatur, IL. Markas always loved singing, and began to sing at church when he was 5 years old. Currently he also works part time as the music pastor at his church on the South Side of Chicago.

Markas enjoys singing and songwriting on his free time, too, as well as exploring Chicago diners. Markas is fun-loving, high-spirited, and friendly. He is putting his eye for detail and teamwork skills to great use at Chicago Loop Cleaners.

Markas headshot.jpg