Residential Cleaning


We do weekly, bi-monthly, and monthly cleanings to make your house a restful haven.

Our regular cleanings are highly customized and no two are exactly alike. Regardless of if you want just the bathrooms cleaned, or need top-to-bottom dusting, washing, and scrubbing, with some laundry and dishes thrown in, we do whatever it takes for your home to feel like the home of your dreams again. 

In all the rooms:

We know a clean home is a peaceful home, so allow us to take care of all the details for you. Expect all furniture to be dusted, cobwebs removed, windowsills wiped down, walls and door frames spot checked and cleaned if needed, trash removed, and floors vacuumed or swept and mopped. 

• Furniture swept or dusted

• Lamps and lampshades dusted

• Doors and walls spot checked for finger prints

• All hard floors vacuumed and mopped

• All carpets vacuumed


In the kitchen:

The heart of your home deserves a lot of love! We will wash all counters, spot check the cabinets, clean the inside and outside of the microwave, as well as the outside of all other appliances, polish the stove top, wipe the backsplash, and scrub the sink. 

• Exterior of all appliances cleaned

• Stove top cleaned

• Exterior and interior of microwave cleaned

• Backsplash cleaned

• Cabinets spot checked

• Sinks and faucets shined

• Floor swept and mopped

• Windows sills and ledges cleaned

• Light dusting


In the bathroom:

You want a spotless bathroom, but you have more exciting things to do than scour a toilet. That's why we clean all fixtures inside and out, and sanitize the toilet. We leave you with a streak-free mirror, shining chrome, and a healthful, clean bathroom - all without getting your hands dirty!

• Sink, shower and bath cleaned inside and out

• Toilets throughly sanitized and cleaned

• Mirrors and fixtures cleaned and polished

• Doors and walls spot checked