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2016 Splash Day Pawty And Raffle Winners

This is definitely my type of party! I understand how important it is for people and even pets to let go and have some fun, and boy was this the best way to do it. All brought to you by the collaborative sponsorship of Baroo and Chicago Loop Cleaners. Below are some of the best shots and highlights.

The outdoor pool area was pretty popular with folks. That's the magic of raffles and snacks, I guess. If you're curious about the raffle winners, you’ll find them and what they won, at the end of this blog post. On a side note, I came over to the deck area for snacks but then realized it's the perfect spot to stay dry from doggy cannon balls. It's a win win!

“Just your friendly neighborhood
Super dog.”

Which is exactly what this little guy did! Well..his owner held him up (human shield style) but judging from his pose afterwards, I’m pretty sure he knows he saved the day.

I’ve gotten so distracted by all the cuteness that day that, I can barely remember names. So you're definitely going to get tired of me saying little guy or cutie.But boy did she love the chase scene! You're looking at the ultimate tag championship holder right now.

“Go for a swim,” they said. “It will be fun!” they said.”
“Smiles are contagious..and you should be happy about that!”
“Yes, swimming was fun but a have a manicure appointment waiting for me.”

I saved the best for last! This fabulous grey hound is getting all dried off and carried away to her forever home. Such a beautiful swimmer and hilarious personality. I love how she makes the best out whatever situation she's in. A very go-with-the-flow dog is the best kind to have in my book.

Raffle Winners

I just want to first thank everyone for coming out and enjoying themselves and letting your furry friends in on the fun. The CLC and Baroo team greatly appreciate the support, pet entertainment, and conversation.

Congrats raffle winners! Your prizes are below:

Free Walk , compliments of Baroo: Debe DuBree

Free House Cleaning , compliments of CLC: Perri Wertheimer

Gift Basket , compliments of CLC and Baroo: Alex Stover

If you see your name listed above, then be ready to receive an email and phone call about setting up an appointment or sending a gift.

Word of advice

Owners, remember to wash your dog after pool play to keep them from having severe skin irritation. Thanks again and enjoy!

By: Arial Davis
Photos by: Emily Taylor


12 Pet Behaviors Owners Get Wrong

As a pet care provider, I'm always told that a pet is a reflection of the owner. So much so, that people believe they know their pet right down to their thought process. So I'm here to present a guide that may surprise you the next time you're giving Mr. Whiskers animal commentary.


When a dog yawns you figure it's sleepy but it just might be him shaking off stress

Yes, dogs do yawn when they're tired- and they've been observed to “catch” a yawn from their human companions- but usually a yawn means they’re tense. A yawn helps a dog to release anxiety and re-focus. Kinda like rolling your shoulders and head. 

A hissing cat is an angry cat right? Not exactly. It's trying to terrify you

A cat's hiss is intended to mimic a deadly snake attack, from the hissing sound to the slitted eyes and bared fangs. When your cat hisses, it's imitating something that can kill you.


When a cat doesn't cover its poop you think it's just being careless. Truth is, she's leaving a message

 Normally cats are quite tidy with their turds, leaving them in litter boxes and carefully covering them up. But when your cat drops a log in the box- or worse, outside the box- exposed and uncovered, she’s saying,  “Attention other cats: this is my territory.” So there's another cat somewhere making her feel threatened.


You think a dog eating its own feces is insane but it's actually instincts

Predatory animals in the wild find dog dens by the smell of their poop. (You might have noticed it's pretty pungent.) Mother dogs will often eat feces to protect their puppies. Another possibility your dog might eat it, is out of boredom. Fortunately, it's easy to cure with a walk.


“Purring means she loves me!” That's not always the case

Cats do purr when happy but they also purr to comfort themselves when they're frightened and to help heal themselves. Scientist have found that vibrations caused by purring can repair muscles and tendencies, breathing, and reduce pain and swelling. It's not just the cat that benefits, cat owners reap the healing properties of purring and there also less likely to have heart attacks.


A cat showing you its belly might seem like a trap but it's really a sign of trust

Most cat owners have experienced it- seeing their cats spread on its back,belly up, then reaching in to pet the cat and getting scratched. So they assume it's a form of play when it's rather the opposite. It's comparable to a human hug, where you press your body against another person. He's exposing his belly to say, “I trust you.”


You probably associate cat rubbing as affection. Nope. She's saying, “I own you.”

That cat lovingly caressing your leg is not only marking you as her property, she’s also letting other felines know whether she's interested in hooking up. So wherever you go, after being scent marked, you're a walking Tinder for your cat.


Dog usually pees when you come home? You think he's happy to see you but he's really saying you're the boss

 If your dog cowards and pees when he sees you, it's an act of submission not over excitement or lack of control. If you yell at your dog for doing it,  you'll make the dog even more submissive and prone to pee. Instead sit down with him and avoid eye contact.


A wagging tail doesn't always mean a dog’s happy. Pay attention to the position

 The position of the tail matters a lot more than the wagging itself. When the tail as held too low and curved and is wagging slowly everything is cool.  If the tail is higher or arched over the back the dog is feeling dominant or aggressive. If the tail wags to the dogs right, (your left as you face the dog) it's a sign of an interest. where wagging to its left signals anxiety.


We associate leash tugging with excitement. It's really confusion

Dogs need to be specifically trained to know what a leash is and to know where you want their bodies relative to yours, when you're out on walks. Otherwise they'll keep pulling harder and harder until they damage their tracheas. Training, by the way, does not mean simply yanking on the leash. It will only trigger your dog to pull harder.


Cats love keeping tidy but all the bathing is done to get rid of your scent

 Cats are incredibly scent oriented, so they're particular about how they smell. Although very eager to put their scent on you and your environment but not so keen on smelling like a human.


You might think your cat brings you prey to please you it's actually trying to teach you to hunt

Cats are natural hunters and yours have noticed that you're absolutely terrible at killing your own food. So like a mother raising its kitten, your cat brings you prey (often still alive) to help you learn to hunt.


Now that you have the inside scoop on these commonly misunderstood behaviors, knowing what your pet is really saying will generate a stronger bond between you.







Save your dog this summer with these tips

Who let the dogs out?!

School is out, the weather is nice, and you're ready to take on new opportunities for you and your pet. Whenever we clean your house, we can just feel the yearning of your dogs to get outside and romp around in the warm sun. Believe me, we want to as well!

Don't let those sunglasses fool you though -- summer can bring plenty of dangers to your furry friend like…


Yes, you read that right, heat stroke. What I find so interesting about animals, especially dogs, is that what we lack in physical similarities we gain in emotional ones. Unfortunately, we also suffer from the same dangers, in this case it's heat stroke. Dogs don't possess sweat glands, so in order to keep cool, they'll drool on themselves. As a responsible pet owner, it's your job to keep them as cool as possible. This means finding them a shady place to play, keeping the house air conditioned when eating or relaxing, and always having cold water available for them to stay hydrated. Keep in mind when it's too hot to touch the pavement with the back of your hand for 20 seconds, it's too hot for them to walk on. Try to keep them on the grass on those days. 


There are primarily two types of allergies: food allergies and environmental allergies. Symptoms of seasonal allergies include: constant scratching and chewing on the skin, rubbing their face on the floor and against vertical corners, constant head shakes, and heavy breathing. Allergic pets often have puffy red eyes, red oral tissue, a red chin, and even red paws so keep an eye out for those symptoms. To help aid your pet, be sure to give them a warm bath and paw soaks every morning and night to help clean off any irritant residue on their skin. Vacuuming the house will definitely help, though I suggest you do it while they are in the bathroom away from the noise.


Believe it or not, dogs can get sunburned too. Light-colored dogs and dogs with thin fur are at a high risk. If you prefer your pets to be outside, make sure that you give them a healthy application of sunscreen that doesn't contain Zinc Oxide. If you can’t find sunscreen that’s formulated for dogs, using one that is for babies is the best alternative. Apply it to the bridge of the nose, tips of ears, belly, and groin areas.


We often thing of the warmer months as being flea and tick season, but pests are actually a danger year-round. Flea and tick symptoms go hand and hand with seasonal pet allergies, minus the general redness. Throwing on sunscreen and flea repellent is the best thing to do, but the repellent has to be natural. If it's chemical based your pet won't like the smell and will take any chance they have to rub against something to get it off. Opt for a flea collar and rubbing them down with a lemon half. The juices and collar will repel the bugs and keep the coat clean and smelling great.


You may not know it, but all dogs are instinctual swimmers. If you're planning on hitting the pool this summer, introduce your dog to the water. Once you’re done though, a towel dry won't finish the job. You'll need to wash your dog completely clean of chlorine. It can cause severe chemical burns if left on too long. If you notice your dog is drinking more pool water than swimming, leave immediately and give them a lot of fresh water to drink. You may notice your dog vomiting but don't fret: his body is rejecting the chlorine water. If you dog doesn't vomit the chlorine, it may urinate more during its walk. So don't make them hold it too long when they have to go!

Be pet-safe this summer!

We all know that this beautiful Chicago weather will be great times for you to bond with your dogs outdoors. Use these tips to ensure that your pet is safe and happy this entire season!