Cleaning Tips

Top tips for cleaning your kitchen before the holiday rush hits

Holidays are for baking and cooking

The smells, and sights -- it all brings delight to those who participate!

Turkey and dressing after the blessing, bring us some figgy pudding, and chestnuts roasting on an open fire. All reminders that this season is about bringing people together over food. 

Holidays are for cleaning

However, the home chef definitely gets the short end of the stick since there's mass amounts of preparation, organizing, purchasing...

And cleaning

And cleaning

And yet more cleaning!

We tend to push it out of our minds, and just do it when it gets bad. You know, real bad.

But we have some tips for you -- start early and get a clean start before any baking commences!


Tip 1: Clean out the fridge

Once you start cooking and baking, all that empty space disappears really quickly. If there's a good time to wade through those piles of food in the fridge and deep clean it out, during the holiday season would be the best time. 

Get rid of old bottles, combine containers, throw out old food, scrub the insides down, and feel like a champion and ready to hit the baking list!

Tip 2: Clean your oven

The oven gets more consistent use during the 6 weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas than any other time during the year. Use this time to get your oven roasting ready. Some ovens have self-cleaning options, but often you need to get down on your hands and knees and give it a deep once-over. This means not just the insides of the oven, but the trays, door, and racks. 

Tip 3: Organize you cabinets and shelves

There's nothing worse than needing to find that large tupperware container that fits 2 batches of cookies and not being able to find the lid amongst the ocean of lids and containers in that cabinet you tend to throw everything in. It doesn't take long, but it's worth the time to take everything out and organize properly. You'll be doing lots of cooking and having innumerable leftovers, so it's high time you prepared your cabinets and shelves to take the heat of the holidays!

Tip 4: Clean the freezer

Freezer is the hell of forgotten foods. We know you think that you'll eat that leftover frozen soup from 2 years ago, but we are pretty certain you need some reality policing assisting you. Bite the bullet and throw out those old items so that you can buy your Christmas ham early and actually have space to freeze it. Additionally, you can bake your cookies early this year, freeze them, and take them out as your family is ready to consume them (my mom does this every year!).

20160526-clc-102 (1).jpg

Is your kitchen ready for the holiday hit?

Don't get caught unprepared! Perhaps on the day you decorate for Thanksgiving or Christmas take a little extra time to give you kitchen some tender loving care. It will love you in return.

Do you live in downtown Chicago and want your kitchen cleaned for you during the holidays? We'd love to help you. Shoot us a message and we'll set you up no time flat.

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Spring Cleaning is here!

It's time for a deep Spring cleaning!

And we gotcha covered!


We love cleaning. Yes, even that deep, down-n-dirty type of cleaning. Spring is a busy time as everyone is getting geared up for summer. And what better time to get your house in tip-top shape with an annual deep clean!

Right now we are offering special services for our clients in addition to our normal weekly or bi-weekly cleanings. Whether you need to finally get those cupboards organized, or wash the outside of your balcony windows, were here to help you! 

Shoot us an email ( if you're interested in any off our special Spring services and we'll get you squared away in our schedule. 

  • Closet organization: $30/hr

  • Laundry: $30/hr

  • Clothes delivery to on-site dry cleaner/dry cleaner pick up: $10/cartload

  • Cupboard organization (kitchen, bathroom, or other cluttered area): $30/hr

  • Interior window washing: $35/hr

  • Balcony cleaning, including window washing: $25 total. Includes washing exterior windows, railings, vacuuming up spider webs, sweeping floor, and wiping all furniture clean

Spring Cleaning ideas

Happy Spring!

As the weather warms up, Spring Cleaning is probably on your mind. Have you thought about simply decluttering your home in addition to a total deep-clean?

Here's our favorite decluttering tip:

Don't keep it if you wouldn't buy it now!

Take a good, hard look at all your belongings -- we know they may have some special significance, but honestly assess the situation. Would you actually buy that item again right now? No? Then toss it, donate it, or give it away to a friend who needs it. Take back your home again!

Here's a few more golden rules of decluttering



What do you normally neglect in Spring Cleaning?

If we only do deep cleaning once a year, there's most likely areas that you miss out on. We found a list of the top 10 neglected areas of spring cleaning on and completely agree. 

  1. Trash cans
  2. Medicine cabinets
  3. Blinds
  4. Behind Appliances
  5. Under sink
  6. Oven
  7. Mattress
  8. Dishwasher
  9. Door jambs and trims
  10. AC vents

Want more Spring Cleaning tips and other cleaning hacks? Follow us on Pinterest!

We always focus on cleaning tips that are helpful, practical, and quite frankly, things that we see every day here at Chicago Loop Cleaners!

Do you live in a high-rise building in downtown Chicago? We're offering a Spring 50% offer right now! Claim your offer online today! We look forward to giving you a home where you can come home and rest.

Exciting changes at CLC!


First and foremost, we are hiring! We have offered a part time position to a new team member, Elvia. She will be training directly with me for a few weeks, and during that time I will be sending you a short biography about her. She will be taking over some of my clients for me once she is fully trained. Know that she is kind, detailed, and an amazing house cleaner! We only hire the best and our interview process is intense.

Elvia is a long-time Chicago resident, and along with her husband has raised her two sons here. She has commercial cleaning experience, and is excited for the challenge of learning residential cleaning. Outside of work, Elvia has a cosmetology degree, does clothes alterations, and mentors married couples with her husband, Fransisco. 

Since we're growing at a quick rate, we'll be training new cleaners over the next several months, but our owner Emily will be around to manage, train, and ensure that our cleanings meet your highest standards. Please let us know if you have any questions at all!

Recommended Product - ecloth

If streaky mirrors are making you crazy, we have the solution for you! The Window Cleaning Cloths from E-Cloth are lifesavers! We use them on all the mirrors we clean, as well as glass-top tables, and even on hi-shine counters. The pair of cloths (one for damp drying, and one for polishing) is available at

If you're using the Window Cleaning E-Cloths, be sure to run the light green one around all the edges of the mirror after cleaning it, to wipe up all the water that collects at the edges of the frame. Next, use the dark green cloth to polish out any smudges that are left over. Just another way you can enjoy professional clean while we're not there. 

Enjoy your sparkling mirror!


Thanksgiving cleaning tips that will make your day hassle-free!

What's the part of Thanksgiving everyone hates?

You guessed it: the least favorite part of Thanksgiving is cleaning up after dinner. Prepare yourself beforehand! We've put together our favorite cooking and post-meal cleaning tips that will take away some of the clean-up stress of the big day.

Have the dishwasher empty before eating so it can be loaded right away after dinner.

Before you even begin getting close to eating, make sure the dishwasher is empty and ready to be served after everyone has cleaned their plates. This will make transition much easier on you.

Line pans with foil

If there is any chance that the food will spill over (pies boiling over, food that touches the bottom of the pan, etc...), line the pan with foil so that it can be thrown away and keep the dishes clean. In fact, if you have the time, line the bottom of the oven with foil!

Use Clorox/Lysol wipes 

Although they aren't good for making your counters LOOK nice, Clorox/Lysol wipes are super important when cooking and cleaning large meals, especially when raw turkey is involved.

Wipe down surfaces frequently

Don't wait until the dinner is completed before you start cleaning. Throughout the prep process, keep up with the mess. Wipe down counters and other surfaces (cupboard tumors in oven door) frequently. Later, you can use a microfiber cloth with water and soap to get the shine back on your counters.

Arm yourself with these few cleaning tips and you can expect to have a much smoother post-dinner cleaning process. 

Happy Thanksgiving from Chicago Loop Cleaners!

PS: Here's some really great make-ahead Thanksgiving dinners and recipes. Check them out!


Fall is here in Chicago!

Fall In Chicago

What have you been up to this Fall? We love seeing the unique views that come as a result of the season change. 

Cleaning high-rise Chicago Loop homes is always interesting and different every day! Here's another great snap shot:

Shower cleaning tip

Your shower cleaner is too expensive!

Meet Clean Building Bathroom Concentrate, affectionately known at CLC as "Pink Stuff". A 1- gallon bottle is less than $15, and since it comes highly concentrated, it will last a VERY long time. This is the solution that we trust to cut soap scum, and not get us high on fumes while we clean. Pour some in a spray bottle and get going- just remember that the ratio is 1:20 Pink Stuff to water.

Happy cleaning!

Celebrating Champions of Change with CAASE

Please mark your calendars for an exciting event this fall hosted by Chicago Alliance Against Sexual Exploitation. They're hosting a cocktail party to celebrate sexual exploitation survivor leaders who inspire and guide us as CAASE seeks to transform our community’s response to rape, prostitution, and sex trafficking. The event is Thursday November 15th. Register here today.

In between cleaning? Use our favorite products!

What happens to your home between cleanings? Do you need a touch-up between your appointments with your cleaner? That happens sometimes, and we get it! So what are the absolute essentials you should keep on hand?

The beauty of the supplies we use at CLC is that they are SO simple! Start with just two basic tools: tools that WE are never without. 

Bar Keeper's Friend

 We swear by this stuff! This scouring powder is great for taking rings out of sinks and tubs, disasters off of stove tops, and water spots off of faucets. Unlike other similar products, it won’t scratch surfaces. Sprinkle some powder on the surface you want to scrub, and get it damp. You can use it with a scrub brush in the sink or tub, or, for smaller jobs, use it with our next recommended product….

Microfiber cloths

These are the cloths we use to clean absolutely everything. Dry or just barely damp they are great for dusting. Get them a little wetter, and they are perfect for wiping down counter tops and stoves. They should be thoroughly wetted if you want to use them to scrub with Bar Keeper’s Friend. Buy a package and keep several in the kitchen and several in the bathroom, and you will never be without a way to clean up a mess. 

You can get both these items at Home Depot, Menards, and sometimes at a local grocery store. Of course, you can also order them off Amazon, at these links:

Bar Keeper’s Friend:

Microfiber cloths: