Come home and rest in your Chicago Loop condo

Chicago Loop high-rise condos are the best.

We have met the best door staff, kindest people, friendliest staff, and several adorable dogs (we ride the service elevator together -- that's how friendships are made!). 

Right now we clean condos and apartments in 5 buildings downtown. We find that sticking with a few and keeping things neighborly works the best for everyone. Plus we love the staff, so the relationships all-around are great!

If you are in any of these buildings, you'll know why we love it.

33 W. Ontario: The Millennium Centre

The luxury abounds at 33 W. Ontario. Our clients' apartments are floored with granite and hardwood, and the fourteenth-floor pool and patio is truly lovely. Just steps away from excellent dining- Quartino, Osteria Via Stato, and M Burger among many others- and blocks away from Magnificent Mile, 33 W. Ontario is a prime location. 

If you're interested in a beautiful condo not far from the Loop or Navy Pier, check 33 W. Ontario out here:

The Legacy at Millennium Park

Luxury? High-end? Spacious? Look no further. We love The Legacy!

If you want stunning views of the Loop, Lake Michigan, and Millennium Park, this is your place to be! They offer luxury, cosmopolitan living in downtown Chicago and we agree they live up to it and beyond. 

Whether you work from home or use this as a space to escape work, The Legacy is the space for living fully and luxuriously. Browse their website here:

One Superior Place

Near Gold Coast, One Superior Place is what it claims to be: Superior. They have apartments with all the amenities you need to live a fun, full life. There's even a Whole Foods on the first floor! Everything is nearby and you are only steps away from the hub of downtown Chicago life. 

See if this building is the right home for you:

Eight O' Five

At 805 LaSalle you'll find a brand new building that is causing a stir in the neighborhood as the luxury building to plant your home. Have a dog? They have a unique outdoor, secure dog run on the 4th floor. Not to mention the views of the River North city skyscrapers are stunning, especially at night. 

See if this is home you could like to end up in -- research them here:

21 W. Chestnut

Another apartment building in River North, this one is conveniently close to the Water Tower Place and all the wonderful shopping and restaurant that brings. If you're a coffee and book lover, look no more -- there's a Starbucks AND a resident library all in one place! With Magnificent Mile close by, you can be sure to find everything you need with a couple minutes walk. Check them out here:

Need a high-end cleaning in your high-end home?

We would love to meet you! If you live in any of these buildings, shoot us an email or phone call and we'll set up an assessment with you to find out what clean means to you. When it's all said and done, we want you to come home and rest in your Chicago Loop home.


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Exciting changes at CLC!


First and foremost, we are hiring! We have offered a part time position to a new team member, Elvia. She will be training directly with me for a few weeks, and during that time I will be sending you a short biography about her. She will be taking over some of my clients for me once she is fully trained. Know that she is kind, detailed, and an amazing house cleaner! We only hire the best and our interview process is intense.

Elvia is a long-time Chicago resident, and along with her husband has raised her two sons here. She has commercial cleaning experience, and is excited for the challenge of learning residential cleaning. Outside of work, Elvia has a cosmetology degree, does clothes alterations, and mentors married couples with her husband, Fransisco. 

Since we're growing at a quick rate, we'll be training new cleaners over the next several months, but our owner Emily will be around to manage, train, and ensure that our cleanings meet your highest standards. Please let us know if you have any questions at all!

Recommended Product - ecloth

If streaky mirrors are making you crazy, we have the solution for you! The Window Cleaning Cloths from E-Cloth are lifesavers! We use them on all the mirrors we clean, as well as glass-top tables, and even on hi-shine counters. The pair of cloths (one for damp drying, and one for polishing) is available at

If you're using the Window Cleaning E-Cloths, be sure to run the light green one around all the edges of the mirror after cleaning it, to wipe up all the water that collects at the edges of the frame. Next, use the dark green cloth to polish out any smudges that are left over. Just another way you can enjoy professional clean while we're not there. 

Enjoy your sparkling mirror!


Christmas at Urban Life Skills!

Giving Back to youth-at-risk

Christmas came a little early in the southwest side neighborhood Little Village. Urban Life Skills, a non-profit youth mentoring program that we participate in and sponsor, had their annual Christmas parties this weekend. Well over 200 families got together for food, presents, and awards for all the youth involved. We packed it out! The parties took place at New Life Community Church in Little Village. 

Every family received a large box with useful household items. Every youth that is being mentored got a present of a pillow, blanket, toiletries, and a set of comic book Bibles. The youth in the program got to pick out presents beforehand, and give them to their younger siblings.

Emily's mentee and her younger cousin, getting his present from her. Nothing better than giving back to community!

Thanksgiving cleaning tips that will make your day hassle-free!

What's the part of Thanksgiving everyone hates?

You guessed it: the least favorite part of Thanksgiving is cleaning up after dinner. Prepare yourself beforehand! We've put together our favorite cooking and post-meal cleaning tips that will take away some of the clean-up stress of the big day.

Have the dishwasher empty before eating so it can be loaded right away after dinner.

Before you even begin getting close to eating, make sure the dishwasher is empty and ready to be served after everyone has cleaned their plates. This will make transition much easier on you.

Line pans with foil

If there is any chance that the food will spill over (pies boiling over, food that touches the bottom of the pan, etc...), line the pan with foil so that it can be thrown away and keep the dishes clean. In fact, if you have the time, line the bottom of the oven with foil!

Use Clorox/Lysol wipes 

Although they aren't good for making your counters LOOK nice, Clorox/Lysol wipes are super important when cooking and cleaning large meals, especially when raw turkey is involved.

Wipe down surfaces frequently

Don't wait until the dinner is completed before you start cleaning. Throughout the prep process, keep up with the mess. Wipe down counters and other surfaces (cupboard tumors in oven door) frequently. Later, you can use a microfiber cloth with water and soap to get the shine back on your counters.

Arm yourself with these few cleaning tips and you can expect to have a much smoother post-dinner cleaning process. 

Happy Thanksgiving from Chicago Loop Cleaners!

PS: Here's some really great make-ahead Thanksgiving dinners and recipes. Check them out!


Fall is here in Chicago!

Fall In Chicago

What have you been up to this Fall? We love seeing the unique views that come as a result of the season change. 

Cleaning high-rise Chicago Loop homes is always interesting and different every day! Here's another great snap shot:

Shower cleaning tip

Your shower cleaner is too expensive!

Meet Clean Building Bathroom Concentrate, affectionately known at CLC as "Pink Stuff". A 1- gallon bottle is less than $15, and since it comes highly concentrated, it will last a VERY long time. This is the solution that we trust to cut soap scum, and not get us high on fumes while we clean. Pour some in a spray bottle and get going- just remember that the ratio is 1:20 Pink Stuff to water.

Happy cleaning!

Celebrating Champions of Change with CAASE

Please mark your calendars for an exciting event this fall hosted by Chicago Alliance Against Sexual Exploitation. They're hosting a cocktail party to celebrate sexual exploitation survivor leaders who inspire and guide us as CAASE seeks to transform our community’s response to rape, prostitution, and sex trafficking. The event is Thursday November 15th. Register here today.

Summer ISN'T over!

Follow our lead and decide to ignore all mention of “Back to School”! Instead, revel in these late-summer activities that WE love spending our warm evenings attending:

Shakespeare in the Park: Check the schedule for performance locations in parks all across Chicago. This year the fantastic cast of Chicago Shakespeare Theater on Navy Pier is performing a medley of Shakespeare’s “Greatest Hits”: most famous and well-loved scenes of his best plays. It’s a little unusual, but a fun ride! (I got to enjoy it at the Garfield Park Conservatory City Park, not long ago.)


SummerDance: You’ve missed out if you haven’t gone yet, but these free summer dances are going on through September in Grant Park, just south of Congress. One of my personal Chicago summer favorites, Summer Dance is fun for all: from professional dancer to professional observer. Live music, lessons, open dance, and a wide variety of genres guarantee a great time, 3 nights a week.



More interested in having a picnic and watching others dance? Take a look at our Pinterest page for some ideas on what to eat and drink while enjoying the evening out.

I want to give a shout-out to the Running Forward team- a youth running team that Chicago Loop Cleaners sponsors. Last month, the team ran their first half-marathon, and they crushed it! Everyone on the team finished, and Coach Epi says the response from the team afterwards was: “We HAVE to do this next year!!!”

Well done boys, and major kudos to you, coaches!