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We hit some awesome goals in 2017, but it's time for some bigger and better resolutions!

2017 was quite the year for us. 

As a small yet growing company, we felt the pains for growth and have learned many lessons along the way! We're excited that we're hiring new people and expanding into new building all over River North, the Loop, and South Loop. 

Here's a few highlights from this past year:

We hired 3 new employees.


Our team competed the Dave Ramsey Total Money Makeover as part of our personal development staff program.


We expanded into 3 new buildings: 1000 S. Clark, 1333 S. Wabash, and The Columbian.


Our staff spent a day of training at an Entreleadership professional development conference in Chicago.


So what's next?

It's full speed ahead for us! We're planning on developing our current team, training new team members, and expanding to even more buildings. 

Have any feedback for us! We'd love to hear back from you. Feel free to leave a comment. Happy New Year and hope you hit your resolutions this year!

A personal testament to why a busy professional loves good housekeeping

We get it -- those who live in downtown Chicago are BUSY

The schedule, the personal appointments, the fitness routines, the pets, the socializing ... it can pretty much squeeze out all energy from even the most energetic of people. 

That's why when we come home we don't want to think about anything. It's time to relax. Chill. Be quiet. 

But it's hard to do that when you realize you haven't dusted in 3 weeks, and the bathroom is starting to look atrocious. We care about our house, right?? Don't judge us, but life is just too busy. 

Just like one of our long-standing clients

We asked Susan (she prefers to stay anonymous, so that's a nice name we came up with) if she'd like to share some of her reasons why she loves good housekeeping with our company. It makes us happy to support the busy professionals of our city! If they are happy, then they can be more successful, and that makes our city a better place.


Where do you live, Susan?

I live at 1 West Superior in downtown Chicago.

How did you connect with us?

Honestly it's been so long I don't exactly remember how I found you all. But most likely I was recommended through our management office. They often refer you to tenants in our building.

What kind of career do you have, and how does having a good cleaning company make a difference when you come home from work?

I do consulting work for research and academic groups. Due to the nature of my job, I often have to travel away from home for up to a week at a time. It is especially nice to know that everything is taken care of while I'm gone, and once I get back it's comforting to come home to a clean house.

Who is your cleaner, and what do you appreciate about her work?

Emily cleans for me, and I especially appreciate her knowledge of unusual cleaning issues, and to say nothing of the fact that she is smart and reliable.

Do you think your neighbors would enjoy this kind of service?

I would definitely recommend Chicago Loop Cleaners to the management office and any other building tenants! The people are so competent, reliable, and pleasant to work with!


Do you need your home cleaned by a reliable, likable housekeeper?

Connect with us and we'll see if we're the right fit for you!

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In The News: Chicago Loop Cleaners Covered by Voyage Chicago as Inspirational Company

An inspiring community organization

Recently we were honored to be sought out by Voyage Chicago to be covered in their news. Emily Taylor, our founder, was interviewed by the staff and her comments about the company were recorded. 

About Voyage

Voyage Chicago seeks to cover the most inspiring stories in Chicago.

Every neighborhood in Chicago has it's own vibe, style, culture and history...."

Their sections range from articles about Food and Entertainment, Local Community, Business, Art, and people that are amazing. 

Their mission indeed focuses on making Chicago seem a little smaller, a little more closer and connected.

Our mission is build a platform that fosters collaboration and support for small businesses, independent artists and entrepreneurs, local institutions and those that make our city interesting. 

Chicago Loop Cleaners came as a recommendation from the community.

Our company has not necessarily taken the road-most-travelled by entrepreneurs. We didn't seek outsider investment, and we also have a social enterprise mindset that seeks to develop people and communities. Our growth has been intentional and one small step at a time. But that has given us time and space to create really good internal processes and procedures, work closely with staff, fix mistakes quickly, and learn how to make a scalable model. 

We believe in the growth of small things and are in this for the long haul! So we're thankful that news outlets like Voyage have found our story as one that resonates with the community-driven, entrepreneurial mindset. 

Here's our article in Voyage: http://voyagechicago.com/interview/meet-emily-taylor-chicago-loop-cleaners-downtown-river-north-south-loop/

Interested in reading more about our company's vision? Check out Our Vision.

Help us break the cycle of AIDS and poverty in East Africa!

Chicago Loop Cleaners exists to not just clean homes in the most pristine way possible, but we also deeply care about the development of our community and staff. Our vision has always been to offer a professional development program through our company and participate in the economic development of Chicago's neighborhoods.

Right now, though, we have an opportunity to partner with a global effort to end the cycle of AIDS and poverty for orphans and their communities in East Africa via the Cyclebreakers Ride for Hope. Angela Jackson, who is biking on the Ride for Hope, has been partnered with CLC the last 2 years to help us develop and grow as a business. She's our professional small business consultant and has been an invaluable resource to the functioning and growth of CLC! 

In her free time, she volunteers to work with survivors of human trafficking, often many of them being children, or were first trafficked when they were children. Now she's taking her passions overseas and is biking a whopping 600 miles around Lake Victoria over the course of 10 days to raise $12,000 to support children and orphans affected by AIDS! Many of these kids have either been exploited in their past, or are vulnerable to it due to their life situation. 

Everyone deserves safety and care, both here in Chicago and over in East Africa. So we want to join the team of Cyclebreakers! We as a company want to raise $500 to support Angela on her Ride for Hope. She'll be joining a global team of riders to accomplish this feat. But the ride starts in just 2 weeks and she needs her support soon! Would you consider donating to her campaign on GoFundMe? You can read the whole story there -- it's a pretty exciting adventure!

Thanks for helping me help my friend and business ally so that she can support these children. 



Owner, Chicago Loop Cleaners

Welcoming our newest team member!

Chicago Loop Cleaners expands at 1000 S. Clark!

And with that expansion, we invited Tamika to our team of cleaning professionals! 

Tamika joined our team in late March, and has quickly shown herself to be both enthusiastic and conscientious in her work. Additionally, she has several year of experience working with the Boys and Girls Club of America, and even traveled and spoke on their behalf. Tamika has a strong interest in social entrepreneurship, and we are excited to have her on our team as we pursue our vision for changing the story of Chicago. 

When Tamika finishes her training, she will be working in both of our South Loop buildings: 1000 S. Clark and 720 S. Dearborn.

Welcome to the team, Tamika! We're excited to have you join us!

Do you live at 1000 S. Clark? Do you want a sparkling clean home so that you can come home and rest?

We would love to meet you! Our clients in our building love to have peace and rest when they come home, and we love to create that space for them. 

Send us your information and we'll reach out to you to see up a free home assessment. Looking forward to meeting you!

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Our Vision for 2017: Developing Our Social Enterprise

Chicago Loop Cleaners is a high-end luxury house keeping service that not only brings peace and rest to homes in downtown Chicago, but we also have a passion for the development of our community and city. We stand in the gap for the marginalized and are doing our part to participate in the economic development of Chicago's neighborhoods. Whether that looks like those who are economically strained, marginalized, the immigrant or refugee, we stand in solidarity and are doing something about it.

Our Goals For 2017

We're shooting for the stars this year. After 3 years of developing a solid internal structure and process, we are excited to make a larger impact for our clients and our community. Contribute directly to our fundraising campaign.


We put each applicant through a rigorous hiring process which includes an online software application and match, a personality test, a phone interview, a working interview, and in-person interview, and a background check and drug test. We bring on only the most serious cleaners who have a vision for their future. We bring the resources and they bring the passion and commitment to both cleaning and development.

The cost of recruiting, hiring, on-boarding and training these new employees for 2017 is approximately $15,000.


We are developing a year-long training program that will enable each employee to identify their vision for their own life and to have developed professional and interpersonal skills that will make them highly desirable for future jobs. The first 3 months will teach the team members professionalism and cleaning skills. The next 6 months will focus on personal development. This will include training on self-esteem, life visioning, goal setting, conflict management, nutrition, and financial education. In the final months of the year each team member will be able to identify the direction they want to take their career by using those skills within the company. While still cleaning, they will have opportunity to become more involved with social media marketing, blog writing, sales, management, employee training, accounting, or any other career-building skill.

The total cost for the fully-developed program is $130,000. The most basic functional version of the program can be created for $56,000. 

Help Us Reach Our Funding Goal

In order to hit our goals this year, we need to raise $50,000. With this money we'll be able to hire new employees and put them through a full internship program that not only involves becoming a highly skilled house cleaner, but also puts them on a path of professional and personal development so that they can take the next steps of success in their lives. If our communities are developed, then we all win.

Click here to support us!


Emily's Story: how this all began

"I started CCLC in August of 2013 hoping to create a business that business that I could use to “do community development” in the neighborhood of Little Village. I had gotten involved in Little Village as a college student, and after a few years away from Chicago after graduation, it was time to come back and make a life be a part of my community again. I came back to Chicago because I was looking for a way to do community development in Little Village.

I came to Chicago initially for college. After graduated from Moody Bible in 2011, and went back to my hometown in Colorado for a couple of years. I was looking for a way to come back to Chicago though, to be involved in Little Village, where I had gone to church while in school. I had no idea what I was going to do; I just intended to “do community service”. My plan was to get a job to fund a move back to Chicago, but I was given the opportunity to work for a small business owner as his first employee. He offered to train me to start a business that I could use serve my neighborhood by providing jobs. I worked for him for 7 months, and then moved out to Chicago with his blessing.

I’ve now been in business for 3.5 years and have a small team. I always knew I wanted to use the business as a way to teach people professional and personal life-skills, but not until mid-2016 did I was I really able to solidify what that will mean in my company."


Final thoughts

In light of recent events, we want to be clear that Chicago Loop Cleaners is committed to supporting, hiring, and developing the lives of immigrants and refugees. We understand the complexities of their lives as well as the process to integrate in American society. This is an opportunity and not a threat from our perspective. As we have the opportunity to assist in developing self-sustainable options for their lives, we will partner as much as possible.

So much to be thankful for

What a year!

This has been hands-down the biggest year of change in the history of Chicago Loop Cleaners. While we have experienced all the growing pains that come with change and expansion, we look back and truly have so much to be thankful for. 


1. New Team Members

Arial joined us in April and Kareema came in June. They are both hard workers with absolutely great attitudes! As a team we are regularly reading books on personal development, and they are excited about learning and growing. Each are also taking on more responsibilities in the company and expanding in both cleaning and management abilities. Oh, and they make our team FUN!


We've Expanded Into 2 New Buildings

Look for us in 805 N. LaSalle, 1000 S. Clark, and 720 S. Franklin. We love our new buildings and are excited to clean more homes and give rest to more of downtown Chicago!


Our Clients

Many of you have been with us since our origin -- we are honored to continue to serve you. We love getting to take care of your personal space and get to know you more each passing week. We wouldn't be here without you!


Our New Staff Development Program

Chicago Loop Cleaners doesn't just clean homes; we develop and train our staff for personal and professional growth. Here's what Emily, the founder and owner, says about the new program:

"I am currently developing a staff development program for my current and future Team Members. The program is designed to be a year-long working internship. By the end of the year, each Team Member will be well equipped to take the next step in her career, be it growing within CLC or leaving the company to the next phase of her life. The training will start with cleaning and customer service skills, and will then move to life visioning, goal setting, health, nutrition, and financial skills. The last several months of the training will focus on developing specific skills in the Team Member, according to her interests and talents, so that she will finish her training prepared to be a highly desirable candidate in her chosen career path. The training program is still in its early development stages, but if you're interested in hearing more, please let me know! More details will be forthcoming, as the program begins to take shape and be implemented."

What are you thankful for?

Looking over this past year, are you able to recall areas of change, growth and opportunity? We encourage you to take time and reflect about what things in your life that are gifts and blessings. As Brene Brown says, "Joy comes from a place of gratitude."

Happy Thanksgiving!

Come home and rest in your Chicago Loop condo

Chicago Loop high-rise condos are the best.

We have met the best door staff, kindest people, friendliest staff, and several adorable dogs (we ride the service elevator together -- that's how friendships are made!). 

Right now we clean condos and apartments in 5 buildings downtown. We find that sticking with a few and keeping things neighborly works the best for everyone. Plus we love the staff, so the relationships all-around are great!

If you are in any of these buildings, you'll know why we love it.

33 W. Ontario: The Millennium Centre

The luxury abounds at 33 W. Ontario. Our clients' apartments are floored with granite and hardwood, and the fourteenth-floor pool and patio is truly lovely. Just steps away from excellent dining- Quartino, Osteria Via Stato, and M Burger among many others- and blocks away from Magnificent Mile, 33 W. Ontario is a prime location. 

If you're interested in a beautiful condo not far from the Loop or Navy Pier, check 33 W. Ontario out here: http://www.themillenniumcentre.com/

The Legacy at Millennium Park

Luxury? High-end? Spacious? Look no further. We love The Legacy!

If you want stunning views of the Loop, Lake Michigan, and Millennium Park, this is your place to be! They offer luxury, cosmopolitan living in downtown Chicago and we agree they live up to it and beyond. 

Whether you work from home or use this as a space to escape work, The Legacy is the space for living fully and luxuriously. Browse their website here:  http://www.thelegacyatmillenniumpark.com/

One Superior Place

Near Gold Coast, One Superior Place is what it claims to be: Superior. They have apartments with all the amenities you need to live a fun, full life. There's even a Whole Foods on the first floor! Everything is nearby and you are only steps away from the hub of downtown Chicago life. 

See if this building is the right home for you: http://www.onesuperiorplace.com/

Eight O' Five

At 805 LaSalle you'll find a brand new building that is causing a stir in the neighborhood as the luxury building to plant your home. Have a dog? They have a unique outdoor, secure dog run on the 4th floor. Not to mention the views of the River North city skyscrapers are stunning, especially at night. 

See if this is home you could like to end up in -- research them here: http://805lasalle.com/

21 W. Chestnut

Another apartment building in River North, this one is conveniently close to the Water Tower Place and all the wonderful shopping and restaurant that brings. If you're a coffee and book lover, look no more -- there's a Starbucks AND a resident library all in one place! With Magnificent Mile close by, you can be sure to find everything you need with a couple minutes walk. Check them out here: http://www.21wchestnut.com/

Need a high-end cleaning in your high-end home?

We would love to meet you! If you live in any of these buildings, shoot us an email or phone call and we'll set up an assessment with you to find out what clean means to you. When it's all said and done, we want you to come home and rest in your Chicago Loop home.


Name *
Phone *

Exciting changes at CLC!


First and foremost, we are hiring! We have offered a part time position to a new team member, Elvia. She will be training directly with me for a few weeks, and during that time I will be sending you a short biography about her. She will be taking over some of my clients for me once she is fully trained. Know that she is kind, detailed, and an amazing house cleaner! We only hire the best and our interview process is intense.

Elvia is a long-time Chicago resident, and along with her husband has raised her two sons here. She has commercial cleaning experience, and is excited for the challenge of learning residential cleaning. Outside of work, Elvia has a cosmetology degree, does clothes alterations, and mentors married couples with her husband, Fransisco. 

Since we're growing at a quick rate, we'll be training new cleaners over the next several months, but our owner Emily will be around to manage, train, and ensure that our cleanings meet your highest standards. Please let us know if you have any questions at all!

Recommended Product - ecloth

If streaky mirrors are making you crazy, we have the solution for you! The Window Cleaning Cloths from E-Cloth are lifesavers! We use them on all the mirrors we clean, as well as glass-top tables, and even on hi-shine counters. The pair of cloths (one for damp drying, and one for polishing) is available at ecloth.com

If you're using the Window Cleaning E-Cloths, be sure to run the light green one around all the edges of the mirror after cleaning it, to wipe up all the water that collects at the edges of the frame. Next, use the dark green cloth to polish out any smudges that are left over. Just another way you can enjoy professional clean while we're not there. 

Enjoy your sparkling mirror!


We're hiring incredible Associate House Cleaners!

We're on the search for committed House Cleaners! Here's the thing-- this isn't for just anyone. Listen to a brief description of the position in the video below by the Founder and Owner of Chicago Loop Cleaners, Emily Taylor.

So what do you think? Interested in applying? If so, go to our online application form to get started: http://www.new-hire.com/jobs/availablejobs.asp?job=9487

House Cleaning Job Information

You will win in this position when you:
-provide consistent, reliably excellent housekeeping to a list of regular clients
-maintain 90% client satisfaction
-have a forward thinking mindset, which is eager to grow personally and professionally

Learn more about the perfect candidate for this job:
Whether or not you have had a house cleaning position before, you always take pride in the details of your work. Even if no one ever notices the behind the scenes details,
you know and you’re completely motivated by doing excellent work. That’s the kind of person we’re looking for, someone that is a friendly and motivated Housekeeper to join our team. We’re a high-end cleaning company in Downtown Chicago, so we absolutely need people that care about excellent care and supreme customer service.


In this position you will be able to work for many different clients in some of the most beautiful condos in Downtown and River North. However, money isn’t necessarily your biggest motivator; excellence is your Number 1 concern, and money is a reward for a combination of a good attitude and good work. It’s important for you maintain very good relationships with more than just your clients; the door staff and management of the buildings are also important relationships for us.


It’s not easy work though; we require enormous amounts of attention to detail and an ability to work on your own for long hours. You also need to be able to keep up with physically demanding work, requiring a great deal of movement, including bending, squatting, and kneeling, and shifting objects, sometimes weighing more than 40 pounds. We’re also a very small, growing company, so you may not have every single resource you need at your fingertips. Often you’ll be require to learn new systems and processes on the go, learning quickly and efficiently. The owner may not always be available to answer every question, so sometimes you’ll have to problem solve on the job.

If this sounds like a good fit for you, we’d love to hear from you! We’re only taking applicants from Chicago at this time.