In The News: Chicago Loop Cleaners Covered by Voyage Chicago as Inspirational Company

An inspiring community organization

Recently we were honored to be sought out by Voyage Chicago to be covered in their news. Emily Taylor, our founder, was interviewed by the staff and her comments about the company were recorded. 

About Voyage

Voyage Chicago seeks to cover the most inspiring stories in Chicago.

Every neighborhood in Chicago has it's own vibe, style, culture and history...."

Their sections range from articles about Food and Entertainment, Local Community, Business, Art, and people that are amazing. 

Their mission indeed focuses on making Chicago seem a little smaller, a little more closer and connected.

Our mission is build a platform that fosters collaboration and support for small businesses, independent artists and entrepreneurs, local institutions and those that make our city interesting. 

Chicago Loop Cleaners came as a recommendation from the community.

Our company has not necessarily taken the road-most-travelled by entrepreneurs. We didn't seek outsider investment, and we also have a social enterprise mindset that seeks to develop people and communities. Our growth has been intentional and one small step at a time. But that has given us time and space to create really good internal processes and procedures, work closely with staff, fix mistakes quickly, and learn how to make a scalable model. 

We believe in the growth of small things and are in this for the long haul! So we're thankful that news outlets like Voyage have found our story as one that resonates with the community-driven, entrepreneurial mindset. 

Here's our article in Voyage:

Interested in reading more about our company's vision? Check out Our Vision.