Help us break the cycle of AIDS and poverty in East Africa!

Chicago Loop Cleaners exists to not just clean homes in the most pristine way possible, but we also deeply care about the development of our community and staff. Our vision has always been to offer a professional development program through our company and participate in the economic development of Chicago's neighborhoods.

Right now, though, we have an opportunity to partner with a global effort to end the cycle of AIDS and poverty for orphans and their communities in East Africa via the Cyclebreakers Ride for Hope. Angela Jackson, who is biking on the Ride for Hope, has been partnered with CLC the last 2 years to help us develop and grow as a business. She's our professional small business consultant and has been an invaluable resource to the functioning and growth of CLC! 

In her free time, she volunteers to work with survivors of human trafficking, often many of them being children, or were first trafficked when they were children. Now she's taking her passions overseas and is biking a whopping 600 miles around Lake Victoria over the course of 10 days to raise $12,000 to support children and orphans affected by AIDS! Many of these kids have either been exploited in their past, or are vulnerable to it due to their life situation. 

Everyone deserves safety and care, both here in Chicago and over in East Africa. So we want to join the team of Cyclebreakers! We as a company want to raise $500 to support Angela on her Ride for Hope. She'll be joining a global team of riders to accomplish this feat. But the ride starts in just 2 weeks and she needs her support soon! Would you consider donating to her campaign on GoFundMe? You can read the whole story there -- it's a pretty exciting adventure!

Thanks for helping me help my friend and business ally so that she can support these children. 



Owner, Chicago Loop Cleaners