Spring Cleaning is here!

It's time for a deep Spring cleaning!

And we gotcha covered!


We love cleaning. Yes, even that deep, down-n-dirty type of cleaning. Spring is a busy time as everyone is getting geared up for summer. And what better time to get your house in tip-top shape with an annual deep clean!

Right now we are offering special services for our clients in addition to our normal weekly or bi-weekly cleanings. Whether you need to finally get those cupboards organized, or wash the outside of your balcony windows, were here to help you! 

Shoot us an email (emily@chicagoloopcleaners.com) if you're interested in any off our special Spring services and we'll get you squared away in our schedule. 

  • Closet organization: $30/hr

  • Laundry: $30/hr

  • Clothes delivery to on-site dry cleaner/dry cleaner pick up: $10/cartload

  • Cupboard organization (kitchen, bathroom, or other cluttered area): $30/hr

  • Interior window washing: $35/hr

  • Balcony cleaning, including window washing: $25 total. Includes washing exterior windows, railings, vacuuming up spider webs, sweeping floor, and wiping all furniture clean