Top tips for cleaning your kitchen before the holiday rush hits

Holidays are for baking and cooking

The smells, and sights -- it all brings delight to those who participate!

Turkey and dressing after the blessing, bring us some figgy pudding, and chestnuts roasting on an open fire. All reminders that this season is about bringing people together over food. 

Holidays are for cleaning

However, the home chef definitely gets the short end of the stick since there's mass amounts of preparation, organizing, purchasing...

And cleaning

And cleaning

And yet more cleaning!

We tend to push it out of our minds, and just do it when it gets bad. You know, real bad.

But we have some tips for you -- start early and get a clean start before any baking commences!


Tip 1: Clean out the fridge

Once you start cooking and baking, all that empty space disappears really quickly. If there's a good time to wade through those piles of food in the fridge and deep clean it out, during the holiday season would be the best time. 

Get rid of old bottles, combine containers, throw out old food, scrub the insides down, and feel like a champion and ready to hit the baking list!

Tip 2: Clean your oven

The oven gets more consistent use during the 6 weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas than any other time during the year. Use this time to get your oven roasting ready. Some ovens have self-cleaning options, but often you need to get down on your hands and knees and give it a deep once-over. This means not just the insides of the oven, but the trays, door, and racks. 

Tip 3: Organize you cabinets and shelves

There's nothing worse than needing to find that large tupperware container that fits 2 batches of cookies and not being able to find the lid amongst the ocean of lids and containers in that cabinet you tend to throw everything in. It doesn't take long, but it's worth the time to take everything out and organize properly. You'll be doing lots of cooking and having innumerable leftovers, so it's high time you prepared your cabinets and shelves to take the heat of the holidays!

Tip 4: Clean the freezer

Freezer is the hell of forgotten foods. We know you think that you'll eat that leftover frozen soup from 2 years ago, but we are pretty certain you need some reality policing assisting you. Bite the bullet and throw out those old items so that you can buy your Christmas ham early and actually have space to freeze it. Additionally, you can bake your cookies early this year, freeze them, and take them out as your family is ready to consume them (my mom does this every year!).

20160526-clc-102 (1).jpg

Is your kitchen ready for the holiday hit?

Don't get caught unprepared! Perhaps on the day you decorate for Thanksgiving or Christmas take a little extra time to give you kitchen some tender loving care. It will love you in return.

Do you live in downtown Chicago and want your kitchen cleaned for you during the holidays? We'd love to help you. Shoot us a message and we'll set you up no time flat.

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