April Topics: When your Dyson doesn't suck and How to tidy up

Your Dyson should suck

Sometimes your Dyson (or other vacuum) just isn't working like it used to. The sucking-power seems low and vacuuming seems to take longer than usual. Never to fear-- we found a step-by-step process for safely cleaning your Dyson so that you can get it back to tip-top shape! This is a little more in depth than simply changing the filter or dumping out the contents regularly. But it's worth the little extra time to take the pieces apart and give it a thorough clean. Here's the link. Good luck!

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up

We love tidy homes! It's always our pleasure to take notice of the little details of your home and how we can create space and peace by tidying up your home and life. Because of that, this book has become a handbook for us: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up- The Japanese art of decluttering and organizing. Check it out and see where we get some of our inspirations. We know that a little extra attention to these details will make a difference in the comfort of your home.