Stress Free Holiday Planning

Preparing for the holidays can be a fun, lighthearted time spent with family and friends, but it can also be a time where the stress levels rise to levels where a post-party-massage is required (I guess that isn't too bad...). But you get the picture. We've all been there where we are down to the last minute and there's just something that we forgot to do. Here are a few helpful hints you can find to help the holidays be a joyful experience.

Stain busters 

Stains and holidays seem to go together. From the festive drinks and turkey grease to your brand new white rug and table cloth; the two just go together like Bonnie and Clyde. It might even be handy to have a Tide ToGo stick on hand for clothing stains. If you are removing a stain on a fabric, always remember to try the solution on a more discreet area of the carpet or upholstery to ensure it will not ruin it. Although these solutions are not guaranteed, they should work or help. Using your best judgement, consult a professional if it is a tough stain and experimentation is not worth the risk of potentially ruining an object. Some of the top holiday stain culprits and their removal solution are listed below:

Red Wine:

Try dabbing with a white cloth and add club soda in small amounts to the spot. If it is a post-party spot, try 1 tablespoon white vinegar, 1 tablespoon dish soap, and 2 cups of warm water to blot out the stain.

Candle Wax:

If any wax drips on the tablecloth, try freezing it and scraping it with a non abrasive object such as a blunt butter knife. 


Mix 1 tablespoon dish soap with 2 cups of cold water and blot the stain.


Blot up excess liquid. Take 1 tablespoon white vinegar, 1 tablespoon dish soap, and 2 cups of cold water to blot the stain. 


Treat with a laundry stain remover and soak for 2 hours. Continue with a regular washing machine cycle.

Cranberry sauce:

Mix 1/2 tablespoon mild dish soap, 1 tablespoon white vinegar, and 4 cups of cold water. Soak the soiled specimen for 15 minutes then wash.

For more tips, check out this helpful article on Pop Sugar:


Last minute dessert ideas

There are plenty of desserts that can be made effortlessly. They can look elegant and beautiful, but have minimal ingredients and time involved for preparation. A melted chocolate drizzle can do wonders for a dessert that needs a little dazzle. Fresh fruit can be brushed with a simple sugar (water and sugar) glaze to give it a classy, delectable shine. Be creative! 


Kabob Type Desserts (think strawberries, chocolate, and marshmallow heaven)


Graham Cracker Christmas Crunch


Who's doing the dishes?! 

Holidays equal dishes....right? Well, if done strategically, dishes don't have to be a looming after party chore. Paper plates and plastic cutlery can be a life saver when it comes to party guests. If you absolutely love your favorite tableware, leave a bus bin of sorts next to the sink with a dirty dish label to give guests a place to put their used dish ware. When preparing treats for a party, finger foods are always a great option. There are countless possibilities such as fruits, veggies, popcorn, cupcakes, cookies, brownies, bars, candies, pretzels, crackers, spreads, and more.


Remember what's important

Whether your party turned out exactly how you wanted it or if it turned out a little different than planned, remember to show love and make your guests feel at home. They might not remember what color the tablecloth was, but they will remember what they felt. From our families to yours, we wish you a fantastic holiday season filled with memories to cherish and keep!