So much to be thankful for

What a year!

This has been hands-down the biggest year of change in the history of Chicago Loop Cleaners. While we have experienced all the growing pains that come with change and expansion, we look back and truly have so much to be thankful for. 


1. New Team Members

Arial joined us in April and Kareema came in June. They are both hard workers with absolutely great attitudes! As a team we are regularly reading books on personal development, and they are excited about learning and growing. Each are also taking on more responsibilities in the company and expanding in both cleaning and management abilities. Oh, and they make our team FUN!


We've Expanded Into 2 New Buildings

Look for us in 805 N. LaSalle, 1000 S. Clark, and 720 S. Franklin. We love our new buildings and are excited to clean more homes and give rest to more of downtown Chicago!


Our Clients

Many of you have been with us since our origin -- we are honored to continue to serve you. We love getting to take care of your personal space and get to know you more each passing week. We wouldn't be here without you!


Our New Staff Development Program

Chicago Loop Cleaners doesn't just clean homes; we develop and train our staff for personal and professional growth. Here's what Emily, the founder and owner, says about the new program:

"I am currently developing a staff development program for my current and future Team Members. The program is designed to be a year-long working internship. By the end of the year, each Team Member will be well equipped to take the next step in her career, be it growing within CLC or leaving the company to the next phase of her life. The training will start with cleaning and customer service skills, and will then move to life visioning, goal setting, health, nutrition, and financial skills. The last several months of the training will focus on developing specific skills in the Team Member, according to her interests and talents, so that she will finish her training prepared to be a highly desirable candidate in her chosen career path. The training program is still in its early development stages, but if you're interested in hearing more, please let me know! More details will be forthcoming, as the program begins to take shape and be implemented."

What are you thankful for?

Looking over this past year, are you able to recall areas of change, growth and opportunity? We encourage you to take time and reflect about what things in your life that are gifts and blessings. As Brene Brown says, "Joy comes from a place of gratitude."

Happy Thanksgiving!