2016 Splash Day Pawty And Raffle Winners

This is definitely my type of party! I understand how important it is for people and even pets to let go and have some fun, and boy was this the best way to do it. All brought to you by the collaborative sponsorship of Baroo and Chicago Loop Cleaners. Below are some of the best shots and highlights.

The outdoor pool area was pretty popular with folks. That's the magic of raffles and snacks, I guess. If you're curious about the raffle winners, you’ll find them and what they won, at the end of this blog post. On a side note, I came over to the deck area for snacks but then realized it's the perfect spot to stay dry from doggy cannon balls. It's a win win!

“Just your friendly neighborhood
Super dog.”

Which is exactly what this little guy did! Well..his owner held him up (human shield style) but judging from his pose afterwards, I’m pretty sure he knows he saved the day.

I’ve gotten so distracted by all the cuteness that day that, I can barely remember names. So you're definitely going to get tired of me saying little guy or cutie.But boy did she love the chase scene! You're looking at the ultimate tag championship holder right now.

“Go for a swim,” they said. “It will be fun!” they said.”
“Smiles are contagious..and you should be happy about that!”
“Yes, swimming was fun but a have a manicure appointment waiting for me.”

I saved the best for last! This fabulous grey hound is getting all dried off and carried away to her forever home. Such a beautiful swimmer and hilarious personality. I love how she makes the best out whatever situation she's in. A very go-with-the-flow dog is the best kind to have in my book.

Raffle Winners

I just want to first thank everyone for coming out and enjoying themselves and letting your furry friends in on the fun. The CLC and Baroo team greatly appreciate the support, pet entertainment, and conversation.

Congrats raffle winners! Your prizes are below:

Free Walk , compliments of Baroo: Debe DuBree

Free House Cleaning , compliments of CLC: Perri Wertheimer

Gift Basket , compliments of CLC and Baroo: Alex Stover

If you see your name listed above, then be ready to receive an email and phone call about setting up an appointment or sending a gift.

Word of advice

Owners, remember to wash your dog after pool play to keep them from having severe skin irritation. Thanks again and enjoy!

By: Arial Davis
Photos by: Emily Taylor