We're hiring incredible Associate House Cleaners!

We're on the search for committed House Cleaners! Here's the thing-- this isn't for just anyone. Listen to a brief description of the position in the video below by the Founder and Owner of Chicago Loop Cleaners, Emily Taylor.

So what do you think? Interested in applying? If so, go to our online application form to get started: http://www.new-hire.com/jobs/availablejobs.asp?job=9487

House Cleaning Job Information

You will win in this position when you:
-provide consistent, reliably excellent housekeeping to a list of regular clients
-maintain 90% client satisfaction
-have a forward thinking mindset, which is eager to grow personally and professionally

Learn more about the perfect candidate for this job:
Whether or not you have had a house cleaning position before, you always take pride in the details of your work. Even if no one ever notices the behind the scenes details,
you know and you’re completely motivated by doing excellent work. That’s the kind of person we’re looking for, someone that is a friendly and motivated Housekeeper to join our team. We’re a high-end cleaning company in Downtown Chicago, so we absolutely need people that care about excellent care and supreme customer service.


In this position you will be able to work for many different clients in some of the most beautiful condos in Downtown and River North. However, money isn’t necessarily your biggest motivator; excellence is your Number 1 concern, and money is a reward for a combination of a good attitude and good work. It’s important for you maintain very good relationships with more than just your clients; the door staff and management of the buildings are also important relationships for us.


It’s not easy work though; we require enormous amounts of attention to detail and an ability to work on your own for long hours. You also need to be able to keep up with physically demanding work, requiring a great deal of movement, including bending, squatting, and kneeling, and shifting objects, sometimes weighing more than 40 pounds. We’re also a very small, growing company, so you may not have every single resource you need at your fingertips. Often you’ll be require to learn new systems and processes on the go, learning quickly and efficiently. The owner may not always be available to answer every question, so sometimes you’ll have to problem solve on the job.

If this sounds like a good fit for you, we’d love to hear from you! We’re only taking applicants from Chicago at this time.