In between cleaning? Use our favorite products!

What happens to your home between cleanings? Do you need a touch-up between your appointments with your cleaner? That happens sometimes, and we get it! So what are the absolute essentials you should keep on hand?

The beauty of the supplies we use at CLC is that they are SO simple! Start with just two basic tools: tools that WE are never without. 

Bar Keeper's Friend

 We swear by this stuff! This scouring powder is great for taking rings out of sinks and tubs, disasters off of stove tops, and water spots off of faucets. Unlike other similar products, it won’t scratch surfaces. Sprinkle some powder on the surface you want to scrub, and get it damp. You can use it with a scrub brush in the sink or tub, or, for smaller jobs, use it with our next recommended product….

Microfiber cloths

These are the cloths we use to clean absolutely everything. Dry or just barely damp they are great for dusting. Get them a little wetter, and they are perfect for wiping down counter tops and stoves. They should be thoroughly wetted if you want to use them to scrub with Bar Keeper’s Friend. Buy a package and keep several in the kitchen and several in the bathroom, and you will never be without a way to clean up a mess. 

You can get both these items at Home Depot, Menards, and sometimes at a local grocery store. Of course, you can also order them off Amazon, at these links:

Bar Keeper’s Friend:

Microfiber cloths: